2014 Year in Review

From a biking trip to Wakefield in 2014.

From a biking trip to Wakefield in 2014.

So here are my totals:

  • Count:                       165 Activities
  • Distance:                   8,882.31 km
  • Avg Distance:            53.83 km
  • Time:                          309:06:46 h:m:s
  • Avg Time:                   1:52:24 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain:          32,590 m
  • Avg Speed:                28.7 km/h
  • Avg HR:                      142 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence:    75 rpm
  • Max Bike Cadence:    228 rpm
  • Calories:                     185,253 C

Not what I had hoped but there were two really good reasons. As mentioned, I was sick in February but more importantly I had a crash in early August that kept me off the bike for over three weeks. August is a heavy month so I am confident I would have met my goals had I not crashed.

It was a stupid crash where I looked back as I was turning and hit a patch of gravel and down I went with no time to reach out and protect myself. I hit my head and hip. Thank god I had a helmet on since as it was I was dizzy for a couple of hours. More important was the hip. I really couldn’t walk after the adrenalin wore off. I was on crutches for a couple of weeks and then limping around for a couple more. Live and learn I guess.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with 2014. I did my first century (the Granfondo) and had a lot of fun riding in groups much more that in the past. I rode with some guys from work quite a bit as well as a LBS (local bike shop) ride once a week once the weather cooperated. I hope to do a lot more of that in 2015.

In other news it was pretty much status quo from a personal/work point of view. No new house (still planning that for 2016) and not much new at work. Stormy (my dog) is doing well and hopefully she can remain healthy for 2015. I lost Parker and Peanut at around 11 years and Stormy is 10 so I’m hoping she can be the exception to the rule. Still not sure if and when I’ll get another dog. We’ll see.

My plans for 2015 start with a trip south for scuba diving in late February. I haven’t firmed that up yet but I expect to in the next week or two. Beyond that it’s all about the riding. I’m actually planning the Rideau Lakes Tour this year. It’s a two day ride of Ottawa to Kingston and back in early June. I’ll do it with the guys from work so we’ll be training as soon as the snow clears. Looking forward to that. I do plan on riding the Ottawa Granfondo again in July.

The goal for 2015 is 10,000km like it was for 2014. Barring any sickness or crashes I’m pretty confident I can reach it. I really want to take more pictures of where I ride. My photography has been limited to when I travel south the last few years so I think this would be a great way to get my photography going again. The iPhone 6 camera is pretty great and I’ve never really spent the time to get familiar with the settings and apps that really make it possible to get fantastic pictures from it.

I’d also like to post here a little more often. It’s a good way for me to keep track of my progress.

All the best for 2015 to everyone.

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