I have decided to stick with "MT":http://www.movabletype.org for now. They have changed their pricing so I think it's quite reasonable now. I haven't purchased it yet because I'm waiting for it to be released as a non __Developer__ release. It looks like that may happen in July.

I did install "WordPress":http://www.wordpress.org and it worked pretty well. It just seemed like a lot of work to convert my site. If I was starting my site from scratch I would seriously consider it.

I would like to change the layout of my site a bit. It's getting a little stale. That said, I don't want to change the structure of the site. I really like having the three blogs (Main/Photos/Links). I would like to add two more: One would be for the static text on the site like my "About":http://www.corriveau.ca/about.php page. The second would be a personal blog that would be password restricted.

I also *still* want to get blogs up for some family members. That's not going to happen unless/until I get the email-to-blog interface working.