5000 (More or less)

This is from the beginning of 2011 so some of it was indoors on my trainer or rollers. I think going forward I will set a goal for all of 2012. Unless I can think of a way to easily keep track in Garmin Connect of the type of rides.

  • Count: 116 Activities
  • Distance: 5,169.62 km
  • Avg Distance: 44.57 km
  • Time: 179:14:08 h:m:s
  • Avg Time: 01:32:42 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain: 14,165 m
  • Avg Speed: 28.8 km/h
  • Avg HR: 147 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence: 86 rpm
  • Max Bike Cadence: 238 rpm
  • Calories: 109,672 C

The Gats

Also, here is my last trip up to Gatineau Park. I hope to do this trip more often so I can improve my hill climbing. It's tough but I enjoy it!


So I said that I hoped to complete 6,000 km on the bike this year. Here are my numbers year-to-date:

  • Count:76 Activities
  • Distance:3,049.14 km
  • Avg Distance:40.12 km
  • Time:107:35:17 h:m:s
  • Avg Time:01:24:56 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain:7,964 m
  • Avg Speed:28.3 km/h
  • Avg HR:149 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence:85 rpm
  • Max Bike Cadence:238 rpm
  • Calories:67,063 C


As you can see I've moved my site to a new provider with many more features - Squarespace. I have a lot of customizing I want to do but that may have to wait for some weekends with bad weather. I really like what I see so far.


I just read this over at Businessweek. Ray Kurweil:

Solar power actually is doubling every two years and has been for 20 years. Regardless of all the political debates, the actual output in watts has been doubling every two years. It's eight doublings away from meeting 100 percent of our energy needs. So when I presented this to the Prime Minister of Israel, he said, "But do we have enough sunlight to do this with?" I said, "Actually, we have 10,000 times more than we need." After we double eight more times and can meet all of our energy needs with solar, we'll be using one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the earth.

Un. Be. Lievable.


Today i accomplished my goal of riding 5000 km for the season. I'm pretty happy but now I have to set a new one for next year! I think 6000 should be possible if I extend my weekend rides a little. Anyway, here are the details:

  • Count: 127 Activities
  • Distance: 5,001.41 km
  • Avg Distance: 39.38 km
  • Time: 174:55:25 h:m:s
  • Avg Time: 01:22:38 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain: 16,962 m
  • Avg Speed: 28.6 km/h
  • Avg HR: 144 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence: 86 rpm
  • Calories: 136,210 C

Photo Site Update

Just update my main photo site here to work with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phones. If you like it, shoot me a comment or email.

RIP Parker

Parker passed away yesterday. RIP, my best friend.


30 km/h

Yesterday I broke 30 km/h for my average speed on my usual after work ride. I've done it before but I find it quite hard. It's funny but I can do 29 km/h without too much trouble but to go one faster is hard!

New Route

I did this ride a couple of weeks ago for the first time. On Sunday mornings most of this is on roads that have been closed to cars. The weather didn't cooperate this weekend but I hope to do it again soon.