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MT 3.2

This was posted using the new version of MT that I just upgraded to. Hope it works!

Update - It looks like it is!

HTML Area Problems

I've found that using HTML Area to format my entries has created issues/problems with my RSS feeds. Both writers (like Ecto) and readers (like FeedDemon) have had issues when I've formatted my entries. Thinking a little more about it, if I really want to seperate my content from my presentation I should NOT be formatting individual entries at all.

Spam Comments

I have added the NoFollow plugin to my MT configuration. What this means is that any comments or trackbacks that are added with links have an attribute that prevents Google and other search engines from indexing them. In the long run, this should help prevent spammers from using comments as a means of trying to get a higher rating on Google.

HTML Area and MT 3.14

This is an entry added using a tool mentioned here. Gotta love it. I've updated my blogging software to the latest version. It's supposed to help with the comment spam problem that seems to be getting worse and worse.

TypePad and Movable Type posting plug-ins available

Finally! Posting plug-ins for NewsGator Outlook edition are now available for Movable Type 3.0 and later, and TypePad. To use them, install the plug-in you need, and then go to NewsGator/Options (inside Outlook), Posting tab, and select and configure the appropriate plug-in. Both new plug-ins are available for download here.
[NewsGator News and Updates]


I've got to try this.

For a few months, I had deliberated adding a WYSIWYG Editor into the Movable Type entry screen and when Typepad implemented an editor into its interface I got jealous. So, here's a way to implement the very powerful HTMLArea into Movable Type (currently only Internet Explorer, Mozilla browsers and other Gecko based browsers supported)

Continued reading HTMLArea...


New MT Version

I've updated the blogging software that runs this site and installed a plugin that should prevent the comment and trackback spam that I've been getting lately.

I've again been pretty lax in posting lately. I'm really busy at work but I will try harder.

On Commenting

If you would like to comment on my blog you now have two options. You can just submit a comment at which point I will have to review it so I can approve it before it gets published. Or you can register at Typekey after which any comments you enter will be automatically approved.

I hope this will encourage people to register at Typekey since it seams like a great way to combat comment spam.