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I just read this over at Businessweek. Ray Kurweil:

Solar power actually is doubling every two years and has been for 20 years. Regardless of all the political debates, the actual output in watts has been doubling every two years. It's eight doublings away from meeting 100 percent of our energy needs. So when I presented this to the Prime Minister of Israel, he said, "But do we have enough sunlight to do this with?" I said, "Actually, we have 10,000 times more than we need." After we double eight more times and can meet all of our energy needs with solar, we'll be using one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the earth.

Un. Be. Lievable.

Withings WiFi Scale

I've been thinking about getting a Withings scale but now I see that DC Rainmaker is offering a giveaway for one. If I don't win I'll probably order one.

By the way if you are at all interested in cycling or especially triathlons then you owe it to yourself to visit his blog. Excellent reviews and great how-to's. Recommended.


As you've no doubt seen already. I've added a slideshow to my home page. I think it came out pretty good. I will add more shows later this week. I think these are a good way of showing off pictures that makes it easier for readers to see a selection of pics with little effort.

Mexico 2008

I was sure I added this earlier but apparently not. I went to Mexico in October and of course took quite a few pics. My favorite place was this out-of-the-way beach that was a 30 minute ride in a four wheel drive truck. In some spots the "road" was twelve inch deep mud. Once we got there it was so totally worth it. Just a beautiful spot:


See my flickr page to see more pics.

Ottawa 2008 Tulip Festival

I've uploaded some shots I took at the recent Tulip Festival. Click the one of the photos on the right or the photo below for my Flickr page.



Line Break Test

I am blogging this via email to test if long messages have line breaks
due to the email client or due to the software I use to blog the email.
That last sentence was greater than 132 characters which is the maximum
my email client allows.