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Web Server Stuff


As you can see I've moved my site to a new provider with many more features - Squarespace. I have a lot of customizing I want to do but that may have to wait for some weekends with bad weather. I really like what I see so far.

Photo Site Update

Just update my main photo site here to work with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phones. If you like it, shoot me a comment or email.

New WordPress and photos

I've upgraded the blog to the latest version of WordPress (it was easy) and added more photos to Flickr.

Spring in Kanata?
P and P
Meghan and Parker

Version 5!

Fireworks at Lac Leamy

Yes I have changed the site again! Now brought to you via WordPress. Hope you like it.

Even More Photos

Well it's out with the new and in with the old! I've switched back to my old method for photo blogging. I did NOT like how Gallery was displaying all my images. It really produced washed-out images for the photos I uploaded that it resized. I got a plugin for MT that displays the EXIF data for the shots so I don't think Gallery offers any advantage over the way I do it now.

I also had a problem uploading images from my camera phone to my moblog that I've been working on. I did a couple of test today that seemed to work. I'll try more this weekend.

More Photos

I have added more photos and changed how I display photos. I now use Gallery to display my photos. This is software specificly designed to display pictures. I just got a new camera (a Canon Digital Rebel XT) so I hope to be uploading many more pics.

Once you click on the photos link the site is displayed differently than all other pages. I expect to make it more consistent in the future.

Happy viewing!

Version 4.0 of this site

As you can see... I've updated the layout of my site. I've made the layout simpler with a little less color. Hopefully it's easyier to read. I'm quite happy with it myself. I've also made it easier to change in the future and I may even offer different skins in the future.

I've also added a tool that alows me to "Reblog" entries from other sites. The title of these types of entries is directly linked to the source. You also get a link to the main page of the reblogged entry.

Hope everyone likes it!


As you can see by the menu above, I have added a moblog to my site. This will be pictures taken from my new Rogers Audiovox SMT 5600 phone. I still have the photos area for pictures taken with my digital camera. I may combine the two areas in the future but for now they must be seperate due to formatting issues.

How easy is this - snap a picture with a phone, email it to a certain address, and voila, my web site is updated.

This should be fun :-)

New Pictures

I just uploaded some recent pictures. Click on over to "Photos": and let me know what you think.


Transfer to a new host

The transfer to my new host went pretty well. I have to say I could not have done it without the instructions provided by the "Learning Movable Type": site. It was a godsend.

Still planning some updates but they probably won't happen this weekend.