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RIP Parker

Parker passed away yesterday. RIP, my best friend.


Google Apps Problem

Anyone using Google Apps should read this. This issue issue has been a thorn in my side for months. It seems to be getting worse and worse.


I just added a bunch of photos to my Flick page, so go ahead and click on over!

Parker in Grass


I realize I never update my blog. Since a picture is worth a thousand words that really isn't true since I have been updating my Photos. I'm still looking for the perfect method for web publishing of my photos. See Gallery and Gallery2 for 2 methods I tried. I'm not really happy with either one so for now stick with the link at left for the latest shots.

So don't expect too many words here but definitely expect more shots (especially once the weather gets better)!

Also if you'd like to see some links that I found interesting for one reason or another see my Delicious page.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday, thanks for always being there for me Mom.


i-mate SP3i Smartphone Problem

Well my experiment failed. For some reason after working for a week my new smartphone refused to turn on anymore. Luckily, at the same time Rogers has now decided to offer the Audiovox SMT5600. So now I've returned my SP3i for a credit (hope that doesn't take forever) and I've ordered an Audiovox. These phones are identical under the hood and the only real differences are cosmetic. I think I prefer having a carrier supported phone to one that isn't.

Microsoft Smartphone on Rogers

I got a Microsoft Smartphone (an i-mate SP3i) from Expansys. I also signed up for a data plan on Rogers. Thanks to Howard Forums I got the details on how to configure the phone to get internet access on it. So now I can read my email 24 hours a day. Is that really a good thing? I think so.

Gmail Invitations

I've got 6 Gmail invitations to give out. Fist come, first served. Send me an e-mail if you're interested.


Complete RSS

Cool RSS Search Engine...

Click here to enlarge!

How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to: 5... 50... 600? There are an abundance of feeds on the Internet that are just waiting to be consumed, but depending on your acceptance of RSS, you may have hardly any. If you're reading this review in your aggregator right now, you're probably the type of person who is always on the prowl for new content. Content junkies will be able to get some use out of the RSS search engine, CompleteRSS.

Yeah, I know it's another RSS search engine, but this one is pretty nice. On the main page you'll find an RSS spotlight and feed sampler. The feed sampler will give you a few recommendations relating to a handful of categories. Of course, you can also use the search functionality in the site to find feeds on a general topic or specific resource. One of the cool things about this site is that you can view the headlines of the feeds directly in your browser without having an aggregator installed. You can even create your own custom feed on the site. If you would like your feed listed, CompleteRSS makes it easy to submit. For companies out there that are looking for some promotion of their content, browse through the advertising options that are available. Fresh feeds are always a good thing. [Brandon]

[Lockergnome's Windows Fanatics]