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  • Butterflies


    I added a gallery to my photos. It’s a bunch of butterflies from a farm in Quebec that is near my sister’s place. It’s a lot of fun for a photographer.

  • Photo Site Update

    Just update my main photo site here to work with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phones. If you like it, shoot me a comment or email.

  • Slideshow

    As you’ve no doubt seen already. I’ve added a slideshow to my home page. I think it came out pretty good. I will add more shows later this week. I think these are a good way of showing off pictures that makes it easier for readers to see a selection of pics with little effort.

  • Mexico 2008

    Mexico 2008

    I was sure I added this earlier but apparently not. I went to Mexico in October and of course took quite a few pics. My favorite place was this out-of-the-way beach that was a 30 minute ride in a four wheel drive truck. In some spots the “road” was twelve inch deep mud. Once we…

  • Ottawa 2008 Tulip Festival

    Ottawa 2008 Tulip Festival

    I’ve uploaded some shots I took at the recent Tulip Festival. Click here for a gallery.