Camera, etc.

Been rather busy lately so I haven’t had time to update. I worked on the Saturday before last and this past Saturday I had company. This weekend should be better as it’s a long weekend (yaaa!).

I did manage to pickup the Canon S40 camera I mentioned earlier. It’s pretty wicked. The output is great. I haven’t taken any really nice shots that I’d like to print yet, but that should happen soon. Anyway, Paul if you’re reading, my Kodak DC215 is for sale if you’re still interested. I’ll have to figure out a price, but let me know.

Along with taking pictures this weekend I want to install an update to MT that is now available. It’s primarily a bug fix release, but it looks worthwhile. There are also a few minor improvements to the site I want to make… more on that later.

I did install the preview release of Dreamweaver MX but I got hit with a nasty bug that prevents me from using it on my iBook. I really think I want to get the Mac version, so this is a real disappointment.

Back soon…

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