I'm Back!

Yes I am back. I’ve decided I need to start posting again. There no sense having a blog if you can’t make the time to post once in a while.

Since I decided this yesterday, I upgraded MT to version 2.51. This is another one of those “behind the scenes” updates. It also broke my “smilies” but I should be able to fix that soon. It also offers some interesting features that I might implement soon. More on that later.

I also bought myself a new Mac since I last posted. It’s a screamer. Literally! It’s a PowerMac Mirrored Drive Door (MDD). Aparently the MDD models have the loudest fans of any Mac. There may be fix coming and alot of people are complaining on the Apple discussion board. We’ll see. I personally don’t find it that bad as long as I have a radio on or iTunes playing something.

One of the reasons I bought it was so that I could burn DVD’s. I’ve got almost everything I need to do that. I still think I want to get Final Cut Pro. I don’t think iMovie will cut it in terms of creating the motion menus I want for my custom DVD’s.

I also have yet to decide if I’m going to sell my old Pentium 4 system. Right now, I’m leaning more to using it to rebuild my web/email server. My server is running on a PIII 400 right now and it’s showing it’s age. I’d have to buy some RAM for the P4 if I decide to go that route since it only has 384MB at the moment.

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