A Sad Week

I remember what I was doing seventeen years ago because of a terrible tradegy. Now I have another tradegy to remember. I guess it won’t compare to 9-11, but I think I’ll always remember that I was home when I turned on CNN and they had that “Breaking News” logo and my heart just sank. Columbia was gone. My heart goes out to the families but I’m sure they would agree with me that space exploration must continue. One day this earth will no longer be big enough to hold all of humanity and the only way we can grow is up and out.

2 responses to “A Sad Week”

  1. I remember getting up early in the morning for every launch of the Apollo and Gemini program (my Mom went to school w/ J. Schmidt; we actually have a piece of an Apollo glass ~ a small triangle, very thick) – moving experiences, all of them, and not all were successful. Tragedy at this level seems, for some odd reason, to bite deeply at the soul. When Columbia was fresh off the assembly line, they flew it into El Paso International, where I was able to go do a walk-around. Very impressive. A tearful moment, for sure, with this recent tragedy.


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