New blogging software?

“MT”: which is the software I use to run this site has gone commercial. I’m not sure what I’m going to do but I have several options.

I can upgrade MT and pay money for the new version. I’m reluctant to do that since the upgrade doesn’t really offer many new features. There has been a lot of talk on the web about the new pricing, most of it unfavourable. My only complaint with it going commercial is that for now, there’s nothing new that makes it worthwhile.

I have looked at three other packages that I could possible use:
“Textpattern”: – free (for now)
“WordPress”: – free (Under GPL)
“Expression Engine”: – commercial

I have actually installed Textpattern and I really like the look of it, but it lackes some features that I’ve come to rely on.

WordPress looks very good. I haven’t installed it yet because a new version is due any day now. It offers most if not all of the features of MT and a few that aren’t available in MT. It also seems to be very active in terms of development and peer support.

Expression Engine is very polished since it’s commercial but I would obviously prefer a free solution. I’ll take a closer look at it if WordPress doesn’t meet my needs.

I was really looking forward to the next version of MT because I really want to add some cool new features to this site. I am disappointed that is not going to happen any time soon if I stay with MT.


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