A look back at 2011 and forward to 2012

A very good year! I posted on Facebook that I did get my LEAF in December. Absolutely love the car! It is so much fun to drive. I’ll post more about it soon.

I just wanted to update my cycling totals for the year:

  • Count:149 Activities
  • Distance:6,508.50 km
  • Avg Distance:43.68 km
  • Time:225:44:13 h:m:s
  • Avg Time:1:30:54 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain:17,531 m
  • Avg Speed:28.8 km/h
  • Avg HR:149 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence:86 rpm
  • Max Bike Cadence:238 rpm (obviously screwed up this somehow)
  • Calories:
  • 138,611 C


So exceeded my goal of 6,000 by a little bit. I actually did more mileage on the bike than in my cars (about 5,500 km)! Of course now I have to set a goal for 2012. I’m going to stretch it a little and go for 7,500 km. I think it’s certainly doable if I start work earlier every day (7:30) so I can finish at 4:30. This should allow me to do 50 km a day and still be home early enough to get Peanut out for a walk at a reasonable time. I’m so looking forward to riding outdoors now that I’m counting the days to when I can start. We’ve received less snow this year so maybe I’ll be able to start sooner than last year (March 30th).

I also have a new Cervelo frame this year so it’s even more incentive:


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