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  • 2013 Review and 2014 Goals

    2013 Review and 2014 Goals

    Definitely a year of ups and downs. On the bright side – it was a very good year for cycling. Here are my totals for 2013 Count:                        184 Activities Distance:                   9,619.09 km Avg Distance:       […]

  • So far this year…

    So far this year…

    I will easily meet my target for the year of 8,500km: Count: 151 Activities Distance: 8,345.24 km Avg Distance: 55.27 km Time: 286:22:27 h:m:s Avg Time: 1:53:47 h:m:s Elevation Gain: 31,443 m Avg Speed: 29.1 km/h Avg HR: 144 bpm Avg Bike Cadence: 77 rpm Max Bike Cadence: 221 rpm Calories: 169,793 C   It’s been a good year for cycling. As you can see I […]

  • 2012 Review

    As is my custom, I’m recording my mileage and setting a goal for the new year. I exceeded my goal for 2012 which was 7,500km by a comfortable margin which makes me quite happy: Count:  172 Activities Distance:  8,101.44 km Avg Distance:  47.10 km Time:  278:53:34 h:m:s Avg Time:  1:37:17 h:m:s Elevation Gain:  24,075 m […]

  • Cycling Update

    I think my goal for the year of 7,500km is still achievable. If the weather holds out and I don’t get sick again (missed a week and a half with a bad cold already) then I should make it. Here’s the year so far: Count:   115 Activities Distance:   5,139.34 km Avg Distance:   44.69 km Time:   178:05:55 […]

  • A look back at 2011 and forward to 2012

    A very good year! I posted on Facebook that I did get my LEAF in December. Absolutely love the car! It is so much fun to drive. I’ll post more about it soon. I just wanted to update my cycling totals for the year: Count:149 Activities Distance:6,508.50 km Avg Distance:43.68 km Time:225:44:13 h:m:s Avg Time:1:30:54 h:m:s […]

  • 5000 (More or less)

    This is from the beginning of 2011 so some of it was indoors on my trainer or rollers. I think going forward I will set a goal for all of 2012. Unless I can think of a way to easily keep track in Garmin Connect of the type of rides. Count: 116 Activities Distance: 5,169.62 […]

  • 3000

    So I said that I hoped to complete 6,000 km on the bike this year. Here are my numbers year-to-date: Count:76 Activities Distance:3,049.14 km Avg Distance:40.12 km Time:107:35:17 h:m:s Avg Time:01:24:56 h:m:s Elevation Gain:7,964 m Avg Speed:28.3 km/h Avg HR:149 bpm Avg Bike Cadence:85 rpm Max Bike Cadence:238 rpm Calories:67,063 C

  • The Gats

    Also, here is my last trip up to Gatineau Park. I hope to do this trip more often so I can improve my hill climbing. It’s tough but I enjoy it!

  • 5000

    Today i accomplished my goal of riding 5000 km for the season. I’m pretty happy but now I have to set a new one for next year! I think 6000 should be possible if I extend my weekend rides a little. Anyway, here are the details: Count: 127 Activities Distance: 5,001.41 km Avg Distance: 39.38 km Time: 174:55:25 h:m:s […]

  • 30 km/h

    Yesterday I broke 30 km/h for my average speed on my usual after work ride. I’ve done it before but I find it quite hard. It’s funny but I can do 29 km/h without too much trouble but to go one faster is hard!