2012 Review

As is my custom, I’m recording my mileage and setting a goal for the new year.

I exceeded my goal for 2012 which was 7,500km by a comfortable margin which makes me quite happy:

  • Count:  172 Activities
  • Distance:  8,101.44 km
  • Avg Distance:  47.10 km
  • Time:  278:53:34 h:m:s
  • Avg Time:  1:37:17 h:m:s
  • Elevation Gain:  24,075 m
  • Avg Speed:  29.0 km/h
  • Avg HR:  146 bpm
  • Avg Bike Cadence:  82 rpm
  • Max Bike Cadence:  240 rpm
  • Calories:  168,975 C

I also exceeded the mileage I did in my car again this year – about 5,800km. Of course this year that was all in an electric car (my LEAF) but it still makes me smile that I have more km’s on my bike under my own power than sitting on my rear in a car. I still LOVE my LEAF but no car will compare to a bicycle (for me anyway).

I have found it hard to get much mileage done in December on my trainer but I’m planning on changing that now that the holidays are over. My goal is to be in better shape once I do get outside than last year. It took a while before I could do the longer distance rides that I enjoy. Last year my first ride outside was actually March 11th and with the amount of snow we have this year that will be hard to beat. Ideally I would like to do several trips to Gatineau Park this year before it opens to cars. I never got to do that last year due to my lack of fitness. We’ll see how this year goes.

As for a goal for 2013 – that’s a tough one. Of course the weather will be a factor (last year was fantastic). I actually think that I really can’t plan for too much more unless circumstances change – if I got laid off for example. So that all said I think I’ll set it at 8,500km. If I get more trainer km’s in than last year and the weather cooperates then it should certainly be achievable.

One other goal for this year is to spend less and save more. I went kind of overboard last year on biking stuff and camera equipment. I have no trips planned for this year but I do for 2014 (my 50th birthday bash) so saving up is mandatory.


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