Tag: cycling

  • New Route

    I did this ride a couple of weeks ago for the first time. On Sunday mornings most of this is on roads that have been closed to cars. The weather didn’t cooperate this weekend but I hope to do it again soon.

  • Good Ride Today

    I had a good ride today. I tried something different. I went south and west to a town called Ashton. It’s not a bad ride since the wind pushes you back home for a while. Still felt good when I got home. The town is half way to Perth which I want to get to…

  • Sunday Ride

    Last ride of the season on the Ottawa River Parkway. Name: Sunday RideDate: 2009-09-06 9:34 amDistance: 52.8 kilometersElapsed Time: 2:05:35Avg Speed: 25.2 km/hMax Speed: 50.4 km/hAvg Pace: 02′ 23″ per kmMin Altitude: 28 mMax Altitude: 115 mStart Time: 2009-09-06T13:34:18ZStart Location:Latitude: 45.314402º NLongitude: 75.917195º WEnd Time: 2009-09-06T15:39:53ZEnd Location:Latitude: 45.314335º NLongitude: 75.917276º W Map

  • Friday Ride

    A little slow today. Must have been the week catching up with me. Name: After work tripDate: 2009-08-28 4:48 pmDistance: 28.7 kilometersElapsed Time: 1:03:28Avg Speed: 27.1 km/hMax Speed: 41.1 km/hAvg Pace: 02′ 13″ per kmMin Altitude: 12 mMax Altitude: 95 m Map